Two projects in need of collaborators

Hey all, Coralie and Tabetha are looking for partners to potentially collaborate on their final projects. Get in touch with them if either of these projects are of interest to you:

Coralie: When writing my response on Neoliberal Games, I got to talk about the concept of the “algorithmic self”, and that is something that I find fascinating. How we computerize our lifestyle and ourselves through numbers and apps and calculations, in order to improve and enhance ourselves (the first step towards transhumanism?). However, while I am fascinated with the theory, my brain is numb when it comes to finding an actual project to work on. I am not really computer-literate myself (and not even a good gamer as proven by my Deus:Ex disastrous experience!) (NB – I killed it at Papers Please though). I know I want my paper/project to discuss the algorithms of contemporary life, and the enhancement of the self through digital help, leading to further alienation/isolation.

Tabetha: I was thinking of looking into the lack of representation in playable video game characters. I would look at the characters for possibly one or two of the top selling video game genres (FPS, Action, RPG), and collect data concerning the gender, race, and body types of playable characters in the most popular games of these genres. I would then create graphic representations of my data, and discuss the problems of representation in video game culture. I was then thinking I could design some characters myself on a digital platform, in order to experiment with changing how we see playable video game characters.

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